Causal Determinism

“The roots of the notion of determinism surely lie in a very common philosophical idea: the idea that everything can, in principle, be explained, or that everything that is, has a sufficient reason for being and being as it is, and not otherwise.” (Casual Determination, Introduction)

When I first started reading this, I was thrown off that determinism was something entirely different from fatalism. They seemed to have been coined named for the same things, the idea that there is a determined path for one to follow where their past, present and future is concerned. But they are in fact two very separate things, though the line that can be drawn between it is rather thin. Fatalism focuses on the idea that an event (or events) are fated to occur no matter what we do – i,and even if tht is truly inevitable. Determinism on the other hand is more concerned with the idea that if something happens a certain way at a a certain time, it will have a certain fixed effect on events thereafter as a result of natural law. It is initially the surefire inevitability of an event versus the inevitability of an event in regards to another certain event.

Its rather mind boggling. I won’t lie when I say that I mostly took the concept that free will is a lie from this reading…and that wouldn’t affect my feelings of my life at all. If determinism were to be a proven theory, it’s not like I would lose the person I am or was. The only thing that would really change should determinism be proven is that some event from my past has overall set me up for events in my future. At a certain time period, I did something that affects my life years later – how would I even know that the past event even was the reason for that eventual development? How would someone else know?

Everything would stay the same overall. It would just be a pre-determined idea of what would stay the same.

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2 thoughts on “Causal Determinism

  1. I admit sometimes I also misused the terms Fatalism and Determinism, but the text made the difference clear. It even made clear that there seem to be no other perspective beside the deterministic view that everything is a matter of cause and effect. The argument is very strong and it is quite strange to think of its effectiveness, but at the same time it is quite true that we never actually are completely responsible of our choices nor of their effects. As you said, nothing would probably really change for us, if determinism were true, and this possibility is real and likely, but we have no substantial evidence I think that luckily, we can at least enjoy the doubt. Nice post!


  2. Free will is a lie? Yes? No? It’s neither here nor there really; That is something that you and I agree on! If I were to start worrying about free will that would be a clear sign to me that I have entirely too much free time on my hands.


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