About Me


Jaz Thomas. English Major at Sacramento City College. Aspiring High School Teacher.

Born and raised all over Sacramento, I like to consider myself a native who is well-versed in their city. I aspire to be a high school teacher of literature, seeing as it’s one of my best subjects and favorite things to ramble on about. Knocking out my general education requirements and lower division courses here at Sac City, I have my eyes set on the English Education program offered at CSU Chico.

My favorite areas of English are literature analysis and creative writing, so you can expect something tangible when you take a peek at my blog posts. When I’m not drowning myself in my own English nerdiness, I like to play video games (if you know Dragon Age or Mass Effect, we can probably be best friends), read manga/watch anime, spend hours making cosplay for upcoming anime conventions, and explore my city armed with my longboard, making memories. It all gets filed away as personal experience, no matter what you enjoy doing.

I’m taking this class to fulfill the critical thinking requirement of my general ed, but also  to sate my own curiosity. Everyone has their own philosophy, so why not seek out an understanding of what philosophy actually is. And while we’re at it, learn a little more about the ways people tried to explain the world with their own logic. It’s always nice to broaden your horizons and keep an open mind.

Word Count: 247