Selfies are indeed taken with the intention to document the self, though the understanding you can take fro one might be a little limited. But that’s nothing new in regards to the self right? It’s fleeting, just like the single moment where you took that selfie to begin with. The selfie in comparison to self argument would have been great if you had done the Memento blog post!

You chose some really good quotes to drive your point here if I’m reading correctly. Though Hume would agree because human action is determinable, there is still a level of flexibility within those constraints. Even if human action retains a uniformity amongst people, would you not agree there are various ways of expressing an action as it pertains to avarice, ambition, friendship, etc. within pre-determined parameters? It would be silly to hold them accountable…but that’s been determined as well.

Late to the Aristotle party by a couple of months but throwing something out there regardless! I like your analysis of comedy as those seeking to mask their tragedies with humor – you’re onto something there. The best comedians are those who can make a joke of traumas, particularly when they have suffered; there is something truly cathartic about laughter and making light of personal tragedies. Sometimes a dark sense of humor is the only difference between breaking down and moving forward.

Your optimism in variations of outcomes so long as determinism is proven true is admirable. I don’t think there would be a different outcome you could really foresee though, so knowing whether or not there could have been something different seems like something you would dream about. But even that would be determined though!